Procedures for filing the Complaint Intake and Referral Form

A complaint can be filed by a resident or a visitor to the area seeking assistance with an alleged human rights or civil rights violation that occurs within Barnstable County.   A fully completed “Complaint Intake and Referral Form” and “Consent Form” are both required to initiate a review of your grievance. This form can also be used to report an incident, with no further action required of the BCHRAC.

The Complaint Intake and Referral Form has three sections: (1) about you or the present you are representing; (2) what happened; and (3) what action you would like the BCHRAC to take.

Questions in the shaded boxes MUST be completed if we are to help you.

If you are unable to submit the Complaint Intake and Referral Form and a Consent Form electronically, you may send a letter or e-mail to the BCHRAC, provided it includes all the information requested on those forms.  Documents can be mailed to Susan Quinones, Human Rights Coordinator, P.O. Box 427, Barnstable, MA 02630 or e-mailed to:

Once the fully completed Complaint Intake and Referral Form and Consent Form are received, the BCHRAC Intake Committee will evaluate the written information and contact you to review your submission. The BCHRAC may request additional information to clarify the complaint and advise you of actions that can be taken to resolve the situation. Although all information will be considered privileged, the BCHRAC may need to reveal certain details with third parties to verify or gather additional facts.

The BRAC will keep you informed through the process as needed.  Upon completion of the BCHRAC’s review, a letter with the advisory board’s recommendations will be sent to you. Guidance provided may include referrals to other private or public agencies that have the jurisdiction and/or capacity to investigate and resolve the issues of human and civil rights violations. We may also direct you to various community resources that we feel would be helpful. You have the right to withdraw your complaint at any time, with written notice to BCHRAC. The BCHRAC will monitor complaints and track data regarding human and civil rights allegations in Barnstable County.

For questions about the filling out the Complaint Intake and Referral Form, or Consent Form, please call the Barnstable County Human Rights Coordinator, Susan Quinones at 508-375-6611.