About Us


The mission of the Human Rights Advisory Commission is to promote equal opportunity for all persons of Barnstable County regardless of race, color, religious creed, national origin, gender, age, ancestry, sexual or affectional preference marital, family or military status, source of income, neighborhood or disability, where unlawful discrimination exists in housing, employment, education, public accommodations, town or county services, insurance, banking, credit and health care.

After the original Barnstable County Human Rights Commission was established in 2005, the BCHRAC was reconstituted as a nine (9) member, County appointed Commission, pursuant to Barnstable County Ordinance 19-10, dated May 22, 2019, continuing to promotion of the County policies on human rights.

Throughout the Commission’s history, it has provided a forum for the public and local organizations and agencies to raise concerns regarding possible human rights violations, as well as work to promote understanding and appreciation of the diverse culture in Barnstable County through education, programming and community action.

Key Activities

Supporting our schools mandated to end bullying, through multilingual publications about the Massachusetts Anti-Bulling Law and resources available to students, parents and educators.
Working with community law enforcement entities and the Cape and Islands Police Chiefs Association to build connections among all communities and police departments.
Responding promptly to Human Rights concerns from the people of Barnstable County. We seek to assist by providing information and support, and when appropriate, referring to appropriate local, state or federal agencies and organizations.
Conducting the Human Rights Academy for high school and middle school students, who design and carry out their own projects raising awareness of human rights laws and issues.
Educating about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through celebration of Human Rights Day and rewarding human rights awards to residents.
Preserving the rights of immigrant residents through translation, communication, and information sharing.
Collaborating with Cape businesses, the Council of Churches and Faith Based entities, and others in support of J1 and H2B visiting students and workers.
Coordinating & Collaborating with County Human Service, Community & Health Organizations to provide information on Human Rights and partnering on community-wide endeavors for the greater good or our citizens.


The Barnstable County Human Rights Advisory Commission (formerly the Barnstable County Human Rights Commission BCHRC) was first established by the County in 2007.   In June 2019 the BCHRC became an “Advisory” Commission under Ordinance 19-10 with a new name, structure and designated Human Rights Coordinator position.  Hence the Barnstable County Human Rights Advisory Commission was born.

Final Approved Ordinance 19-10 – this Ordinance Established a County Office to be known as the Barnstable County Human Rights Advisory Commission (BCHRAC).  This Ordinance replaces all prior Ordinances.